With the MeMO Pad 10, Asus has released its previously inexpensive tablet in a 10-inch form factor: For whom is it worth reaching for the bread-and-butter tablet? “The first choice for beginners” – this is how Asus sees its new MeMO Pad 10, alias ME102A. The plans for the device […]

The HP Slate 8 Pro shows its true colors beneath the innocent white surface of the case: Thanks to a Tegra quad-core processor, the Android tablet not only provides extremely smooth operation, but also brings games to the crisp 1,600×1,200-pixel display . What I like: Sharp, bright display A special […]

A tablet with which the battery can be exchanged – doesn’t exist? It does exist: The new Dell Venue 11 Pro. The Windows 8.1 device can also be quickly converted into a small notebook, making it an inexpensive alternative to the Surface. A replaceable battery – earlier standard, nowadays a […]

You can only find fresh ideas on the tablet market with a magnifying glass. This is not the case with the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo and its flexible yoga tablet range: the Chinese have simply given the latest tablet model a projector. We tested the tablet and especially the projector extensively. […]