Adviser: Move with the cable connection

More and more customers are using the internet and telephone connection via the cable network. But what should you do if you move? Is there a moving service, are there any costs? Our editorial team looked at the major cable network operators.

Internet surfers who have fast, well-functioning Internet access via DSL or cable can consider themselves lucky. But what should you do if you have to move to another part of the city or another region in Germany? There are a few things to consider when moving. Among other things, it should be possible to reactivate the previously used Internet access at the new address as smoothly as possible. Our editorial team has researched the conditions for a move at Vodafone and PŸUR.Move with the cable connection

Vodafone Kabel Deutschland: relocation planner via the Internet

Vodafone Kabel Deutschland, the largest German cable network operator, has been active in all 16 federal states since the takeover of Unitymedia in 2019. When moving, customer service should be informed four to six weeks before the move date, if possible. The Munich-based company offers its customers an online relocation planner . Alternatively, the moving service is also available by telephone on 0800 72 39 653 (free of charge from Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.) or by email to kabel-kundenservice@vodafone.comreachable. When moving, you should check whether the booked service can also be used at the new place of residence. The availability at the new place of residence can be checked online or directly with the relocation planner. It is only possible to take the old number with you (porting) if the new place of residence has the same area code. Otherwise the customer will receive new phone numbers.

Costs for the Vodafone moving service

If the move takes place, a flat-rate moving fee of around 40 euros is charged – even if you only move on to an apartment in the same house. A seamless move is possible if the new address is within the same region and the Internet and telephone offers are available there via cable. When moving to another region, it can take up to 14 days before the provider can provide the desired products there. However, there are no costs until the new connection is installed at the new address.

The contract period does not generally start anew if you change your place of residence. There are exceptions, however, for certain older tariffs that are still used by customers but are no longer actively marketed. In these cases, customers must select a current tariff: the corresponding minimum contract period is again twelve months.

If a couple previously living separately moves in together and both partners are customers of Vodafone Kabel Deutschland, the cable network operator will check, depending on the individual case, whether a contract can be terminated as a gesture of goodwill. In general, however, when moving, the contract can only be terminated without notice within the minimum contract period if the respective product is not available at the new address. The new residential address must be proven by a confirmation from the residents’ registration office or a copy of the new rental agreement. The certificates should be sent in promptly so that the contract can be terminated on the day of the move. Such termination is not possible retrospectively.

Moving with PŸUR

At PŸUR (formerly Tele Columbus ), the procedure is very similar in the event of a move: If the PŸUR network is available at the new address, the contract moves with it, otherwise you can exercise your special right of termination. The move should be reported to PŸUR three months in advance if possible, so that everything else can be initiated. This can be done via customer service (030 25 777 777) or via the contact form available online. Before moving, you should do an online availability check for the new address.

If available, an appointment for the installation of a cable socket may be arranged so that the connection can continue to be used without interruption. If the area code changes, you get a new phone number. The price of moving the cable connection is around 50 euros. If you leave the supply room of PŸUR with your move, the special right of termination applies with a three-month notice period.

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